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Songs Title£ºc£§mon
Verse 1:
ooh ooh ooh

Where did you come from
I want to thank your moms
For bringing you into this life
And making you my type
Don£§t (don£§t) hold this (this) against me
But I can£§t help but stare
Down Lyrics From
Why you over there
Want you right here
C£§mon baby baby C£§mon C£§mon baby baby c£§mon
Can£§t you look at me and tell
That you got something that I want
so C£§mon baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby c£§mon
You got the best lookin jeans that I ever seen
So baby want you shake it for me
Verse 2:
ooh don£§t play hard to get
you ain£§t got a thing to lose
I know you feel me too
Staring from across the room
I (I) just want to get closer (closer) to you (to you)
We can talk later right now I want to see you move c£§mon
Chorus 2x
ooh I love the way your keepin your distance
Makin me persistent
I gotta get next to you
Feel you shake shake shake it shake it shake it on me
Can£§t wait no longer
Comin on over
Feelin you girl
Chorus 1x
ooh girl you got me feelin like I want to get with you girl
Don£§t try to front and act like you don£§t feel it to to to to to girl Provides Song Lyrics Download
Now lets make moves girl
Right now I want to see you move C£§mon
Chorus 2x

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